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Mindy's Silly Beginner PHP Quiz

Select the answer to the question by clicking in the circle in front of the best choice.

  1. In writing PHP, the form which the variables are set must have be in a document with the extension of .PHP.

    True False

  2. The biggest difference in labeling variables between PHP scripts and forms is the presence if a dollar sign in front of a variable name in a PHP script.

    True False

  3. When setting an action for your form in PHP, the action must be set in the close form tag (
  4. ).

    True False

  5. The PHP command for printing out information on a webpage is "print"

    True False

  6. The PHP command for $amount=$amount+1 will give the viewer an illegal operation and should be avoided.

    True False

  7. When evaluating a mathematical statement, which of the following is true?

    A. Multiplication has precedence over addition
    B. Parentheses represent multiplication
    C. Values in parentheses will be calculated last
    D. Quotation marks means the statement is a number.

  8. Which of the following statements is false?

    A. PHP can pick up variables from an HTML form
    B. Constants are written with all capital letters
    C. All Calculations must start with the * and end with a * for PHP to complete.
    D. The tags are used to start and end a PHP script.

  9. When of the following is NOT used to test an expression?

    A. if ()else statement
    B. is_double()
    C. x=y
    D. isset()

  10. The number 6.045 is NOT considered which of the following number formats.

    A. integer
    B. double
    C. float
    D. real

  11. Which of the following is used as a comparison operator?

    A. =
    B. +
    C. /
    D. <

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