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Creating Curved text

by Porshiana

  • Open you psp, and make sure you have tool options and layer pallette available
  • Open a new file 400 x 400
  • Choose the draw tool
  • Under tool options chose bezier curve width 1
  • Antialias and Vector CHECKED. Close Path NOT checked
  • Make sure you have your fill color set to null, stroke to any color
  • Draw a line across the center of your page like so 
  • Click away from your line, above the left side
  • The first click decides the left side of your curve
  • Click above the right SIDE of your line and make it curve more. 
  • You will see your curve take shape like so 
  • Now you have an editing box around your curve
  • Use this to alter your curve to your liking
  • Chose the text tool
  • Choose the colors you want to use for your text
  • Move your mouse over the vector line, and when the cursor turns into the letter "A" with a curve under it, click.
  • In the text dialog box choose size 36, center, vector, and antialias
  • Type the text you want, and choose ok
  • Chose the object select tool
  • Click on a blank area. Nothing should be selected now
  • Click directly on the text, and it should be selected now
  • RIGHT-CLICK on the text, and choose "Convert Text to Curves> As Single Shape"
  • Click on the curved line. Click the delete key or EDIT> CLEAR
  • This will make the line disappear, but you should still have the curved text
  • Go to layers, and convert to raster layer
  • Go to effects> 3d effects>inner bevel
  • Choose one you like, I chose angled
  • Now go to effects>3d effects>drop shadow
  • Add a shadow to your text if you like
  • Go to the top and choose Layers>New vector layer
  • Choose the preset shapes tool
  • Under tool options chose elipse, line width 1, retain style UNCHECKED vector and antialias checked
  • drag you mouse to create an elipse
  • Then move and deform your elipse until it fits as well as you can fit it beneath the text
  • Chose the object selector
  • Under tool options chose node edit
  • Drag the elipse upwards until it aligns with the bottom of your text
  • now choose the bottom node
  • Notice the arrow on this node?
  • Move one end up like this
  • Move the other arrow until you get the shape you want 
  • Now change this layer into a raster layer and bevel and drop shadow on it .

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