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  • You will need this file to complete this tutorial.


1. Open your source file. The stage will be empty. The size of the stage is set at 185 wide by 250 high. The color is white.. Open your library. There are two folders in there. Open the Primary buttons folder..

2. Drag a copy of each the primary buttons out onto the stage. Arrange them bottom to top in the order below. Select the frame and using the Arrow tool move them up to the upper left corner of the stage.

  • Home
  • Listings
  • Directory
  • About
  • Contact Us

3. Use your arrow tool to select all the buttons on the stage by clicking in the upper left of the buttons and dragging the arrow tool down to the lower right of the buttons. When all the buttons are selected, hit your F8 key to convert selection to symbol. Name the symbol menu and select movie clip for the property.

4. Double click the Menu symbol to edit the menu symbol timeline. Rename the layer1 buttons.

5. Insert a layer and call it labels. Insert a layer on top of this layer and call it Actions.

6. On the labels layer, click in frame5 and insert a keyframe by hitting your F6 key. Click in frame 10 and insert a keyframe by hitting your F6 key. Click in frame 15 and insert a keyframe by hitting your F6 key. Click in frame 20 and insert a keyframe again by hitting your F6 key. Click in frame 24 and Hit your F5 key to extend the keyframe on 20 to frame to 24.

7. Click in frame 1 of the labels layer. Open the property inspector. Set the Frame label box to home.

Click in frame 5 of the labels layer. Set the frame label on the property inspector to listings. Set frame 10 to directory, frame 15 to about and frame 20 to contactus.

8. Click in frame 1 of the actions layer. Select the action from the left column of actions. Actions=> movie control=> stop. right click on frame 1 and select copy frame. Click in frame 5 of the actions layer and right click to select paste frames. Paste the frame also in frames 10, 15, 20.

9. Move your play head back to frame 1 to view your buttons. Select your arrow tool and click somewhere off your stage. Use your arrow tool to click on the home button. Open your actions panel. Click actions=> movie control=>goto. Select the bullet for go to and stop. Set the type to Frame label from the drop down list; and set the frame to home from the drop down list.

10. Click on each of the buttons, one at a time. Add the same goto script, however, select the corresponding frame label for that button. Once you have completed all the button scripts, you are ready to duplicate frames to propagate to other areas..

11. Click in frame 5 and hit F6 to duplicate the previous keyframe. click ion frames 10, 15, and 20 hitting F6 in each. Click in frame 24 and hit F5 to extend the keyframe out to 24.

12. Move the Play head back to frame 1. Click on the home button. When you are on the home pages, your home button should not work. Open the properties inspector and change the button property to a graphic. Set the home button to color=tint, bluegreen #00FFCC, 20%

13. Move the Play head to frame 5. Click on the listings button. Open the properties inspector and change the button property to a graphic. Set the listings button to color=tint, bluegreen #00FFCC, 20%. Do the same on Frame 10 for the Directory button; frame 15 for the About button; and frame 20 for the Contact us button. If you hit control test movie now, you should be able to track your movie clip movements on its timeline by clicking the buttons and seeing the button color change.

14. Click back on frame 5. Click elsewhere on the stage to deselect. Click once on the Directory button. Hold your shift key down and click on the About and Contact buttons to add to the selection, so three buttons are selected. Use your arrow key to move the selection down. Longer movements are done by holding your shift key down. Fine tune your positioning by releasing the shift key.

15. Drag out the buttonlisting1br, buttonlisting2br, buttonlisting3br, and buttonlisting4br  located in the library folder called secondary buttons. Arrange them on the right side of the stage bottom of the first to the top of the second. Move the Directory, about and contact buttons up together, to touch the submenus

16. Click on Frame 10 for directory. Highlight the about button using your arrow tool. Shift click on the contact button. Use your arrow keys to drag these buttons down on the canvas.

17. Drag the two buttons that are buttondircommunity and buttondirschools onto the stage. arrange these buttons bottom to top just below the directory button. Move the about and contact buttons up together  to touch the submenu buttons.


18. Test your movie and make sure your submenus are now showing when they need to be.

19. There is extra space below and to the right on the buttons. Select frame 5 since it is the tallest menu. now click anywhere on the stage to deselect the symbols on the stage. Open the properties inspector. We need to adjust the height of the movie. Click the size button. Test several values in the height field. I found on mine that a value of 234 px for height covered all buttons, with little excess in height.

 20. Notice that the submenus are not only indented, but are hanging off to the right. To clip off these buttons we will simply edit the width of the stage to the width of the silver buttons. In the size box, test a few widths. While 160 will work, 164 seems to cover all buttons on mine, lopping off the sub-menu buttons. Save your menu project file. Publish your movie.

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